Registration Portal:

Registration will be a status of “Not Confirmed” until payment is received. You have until midnight of each night to make a payment with debit, credit, or e-check (EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer).

We will be available via email ( or for anyone needing assistance with registration.


  1. The classID does not look the same on the schedule as it does on the online registration program:
    ClassIDs are identical EXCEPT for the semester prefix. In the search box, just start typing the classID on the schedules and the desired class will come up.
  2. Class selection for each student is based on date-of-birth.
  3. What if an academic class fills that I need? Contact us at
  4. How do I register my student for a student assistant?
    • Search on ‘Assistant’ or the classID for student assistant which will always begin with ‘1517’
    • If there’s a particular class you want them to assist in and you want to check its availability… change the first number of the class to a 7 and do a search.
      For example: Your student wants to assist in Science: 1st-2nd grade with classID 81009, then you would search on ‘71009’ and find the assistant position.


  1. Payment Methods? credit card, debit card, or electronic check
  2. Payment Options? *Payment in full OR *Payment Plan
    • Payment Plan = 1/11 of your total and the first payment is due upon checkout and payments 2-11 are due June through March.
    • You may go online at any time to make a payment.
    • Payment is due by the end of each month or a $5 late fee will be assessed.
    • If you choose the payment plan option, at any time, you will have the option to pay your balance in full.
  3. Opening Balances: Prior balances must be paid in full before continuing registration. This will be included in your total at checkout, but will be in addition to the 1/11 due.